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Blue2 Indoor

Winter Plunge Fundraiser


Blue2 Indoor 2020 Leaderboard

Our Goals:

$10,000+ Raised

60+ Participants

Visit Our Team Page by clicking the photo below:

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Step-by-Step Registration Guide

Registration Guide

1) Go to the event webpage:


2) Click on the "Start Fundraising" button

Plunge Step 1.png

3) You will be asked to 'Create Your Fundraising Page'. Please enter a name for your page (ex. "Rick", "Emma's Page", or "Wes' Winter Plunge"). You will also be asked to set a fundraising target - the preset amounts are $500, $700, $1500, & $3000, but you can also enter a custom amount. Each Blue2 member is required to raise at least $100. The last step is to enter your address. When you are finished, click "Create Fundraising Page".

Plunge Step 2.png

4) A series of prompts will give you the option to add a profile picture, tell "your story" (reasons why you are participating in this fundraiser),  share your page via Facebook, or donate to your own page to get things started. You can also choose to skip these steps and do them later. However, it is recommended to do them as soon as possible as they greatly increase your chances of receiving more donations.

Plunge Step 3.png
Plunge Step 4.png
Plunge Step 5.png
Plunge Step 6.png

5) At this point, you will be taken to your fundraising page. It is now time to join the "Blue2 Indoor Percussion & Winterguard" Team by clicking on the "Join an Existing Team" button on the right hand side of the page. Please select our team when prompted.

Plunge Step 7.png
Screen Shot 2019-12-04 at 10.45.42

6) If you have not already done the steps mentioned in step 4, you can do them here by clicking on any of the links. You will also see the URL to share your page in email or by social media - this is the most important piece of information to share, as it is how potential contributors will get to your page to donate. 

7) Share you page, early and often. The most successful fundraisers get the word out to as many of their friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances, etc as they can early on.  Check out some of our tips for how to optimize your chances of receiving a contribution:


  • Add a profile picture; people who do this raise up to 12x more

  • Make your story personal; people who do this raise up to 74% more than those who do not

  • Share your page immediately; those who share within the first hour of creating generally raise 52% more than everyone else

  • Donate to your own page; people who do this on average receive 120% more donations than those who do not

  • Use incentives; some great examples include baked goods, personalized 'thank yous' (handwritten, or online), 'bad bets' ("if I raise $500, I'll shave my head before jumping in!), or offer to play your instrument for contributors. The possibilities are endless!

Frequently Asked Questions

Plunge FAQs

Q: Do people have to donate electronically (online), or can they write a check/give cash?

A: While donating online is probably the simplest way, we also accept cash (or check) contributions. Checks should be make out to "Mukwonago Bands". All cash and check donations should be sealed in an envelope with the following written on it:


"Wisconsin Winter Plunge Fundraiser"

[Team Member's Name] (whomever is participating in the Plunge)

[Amount Contained in Envelope]

All cash/check contributions should be turned in to Emma Angoli at school or during a Blue2 rehearsal.


Q: I can't make it to the plunge event - should I still create a page and participate?*

A: Yes! Even if you cannot make the day of the event, you can (and should) still participate! Family members/friends are also welcome to share the link to your page to help you get more contributions instead of creating their own page.

*- Blue2 Indoor members are required to do the fundraising portion even if they are unavailable the day of the plunge. The $100 minimum fundraising requirement is considered part of the membership dues.


Q: Is there a waiver that I need to sign to participate?

A: Prior to the plunge, participants will receive a waiver via email to print and sign and should bring this with them to the plunge in order to receive a wrist band identifying them as a registered plunger.


Q: Is it safe?

A: You should certainly consider whether or not your body is in good shape for plunging. The cold water IS a shock to the system. If you are unable to participate due to health reasons, that is OK! Your funds raised will still be awarded to your team even if you cannot jump in. However, if you are in good health, you should be able to enjoy the plunge. We have Oregon Fire & Rescue and Oregon's Dive Team on site to ensure a safe plunge. They sit at the edge of the plunge hole in their dive suits, within arms reach of participants. You are welcome to wear a life preserver if you wish. The water is usually about 4 feet deep, and there are stairs for an easy exit from the plunge hole.


Q: Where can I receive updates?

A:The event provides updates via email to all registered plungers. You can also find up to date information on the plunge website and on the event Facebook Page.

Q: What should I wear to the Plunge?

Plungers are required to wear shoes, and encouraged to dress up in costumes, matching team shirts, or whatever attire would be most fun for them. When you plunge, an announcer will tell the crowd who you are, what you are plunging for, and will read your "famous last words" aloud for you.


Q: Why does my receipt say that I donated to Oregon Band Boosters? I want to make sure my donations are going to Blue2 Indoor.

A: Oregon Band Boosters hosts the Wisconsin Winter Plunge. They are a 501c3 organization, so your donation is still considered charitable for tax purposes. At the end of the fundraising period for the plunge, they cut checks to the organizations to which each of you donated. They have asked our web host if there is any way to make your receipt reflect the team that you donated to, and unfortunately they do not have that capability. They can only reflect the host organization on your receipt. However, this will be the third year Mukwonago Bands/Blue2 has participated in this event, and we can assure you that we do indeed receive the check for the full amount from the Oregon Band Boosters after each event.

Proven Tips for a Successful Plunge

Proven Tips

Coming Soon!

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