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MHS Marching Band

Full Calendar available below the schedule breakdown.


Schedule Breakdown

Please check the calendar for specific dates/times.

Evening Rehearsals will take place in May-end of school year, and in August-October.

Summer School Rehearsals will take place from 8am-Noon Monday-Friday during June/July. 

Band Camp Rehearsals will take place the week of July 24th, Monday-Friday 9am-9pm. This week is where we get a majority of the show on the field - attendance is mandatory.

Performances will take place on Friday nights (football games) and on weekends (competitions & parades).

The MASD will provide busing during the “Summer Adventures” weeks of Summer School. These weeks are:

  • Week of June 19th

  • Week of June 26th

  • July 5th-7th

  • Week of July 10th

All other dates require student/parent transport to & from rehearsal. The bus service does NOT provide neighborhood stops. Families must provide transportation to and from the hub stops at each school.   You must register for bus transport through the Summer Adventure program here: MASD Registration Information (opens March 27th)

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