What Instrument Will My Student Play?

HAVE AN OPEN MIND.  More often than not, the instrument you think you will choose doesn't end up being the instrument that you play the best on.  You most likely will discover your instrument soul-mate if you try each instrument with an open mind.  The directors will guide you towards an instrument that you will be most successful on.


There are 3 ways we help you pick an instrument.  The first way is through your unique physical characteristics.  Our lips and chin are shaped different than each other.  Students come in all different shapes and sizes.  Your band director will help guide you to an instrument that fits who you are.


The second way is through ability/natural talent.  There are quick little tests that we give each student to see how successful they will be on the instrument they are trying.  If their hands don't curve comfortably for the flute, or their sense of steady beat and rhythm isn't the strongest for percussion, we will steer the student toward an instrument we think they will succeed on.


The third way is to choose an instrument you like the sound of.  Some of us lean toward the low sounds of the Baritone or Trombone, and others like the high sound of the flute.  Some may like the wooden sound of the Clarinet or the jazziness of the saxophone. Choose an instrument you like to listen to.