What is Blue2 Percussion?

Founded in 2014, Blue2 Percussion is an extracurricular percussion ensemble program (it is NOT a marching ensemble). Students have the opportunity to perform in a number of different ensembles giving them an opportunity to experience a wide variety of percussion instruments and diverse styles. The program is designed to develop students to be successful in all aspects of the MASD band program, whether it be concert, jazz, or marching band. The program is open to all MASD percussion students enrolled in grades 7-12.


Info Night Presentation

Please view this slides presentation to get an overview of our program, how it will help develop your student, and how to sign up. The final slide contains links to all of the most important information.

View Blue2 Slides Presentation

Questions? Contact Rick Schadt at


Program Goals

The Blue2 Percussion program strives to create independent musicians who can be leaders within our concert, jazz, and marching programs. We work to prepare students for whatever musical challenges they choose to pursue. A member of Blue2 Percussion should feel confident in their ability to not only perform at the highest level in their school ensembles, but will also be prepared for co-curricular activities such as Marching Band, Jazz Ensemble, and Solo & Ensemble. Through a variety of performances, we also work to better reach and support more members of our Mukwonago area community. 


Additionally, we focus on building a sense of community and friendship between our various grades of percussionists. Unlike in the curricular bands, students in Blue2 Percussion will have the opportunity to interact and perform with students in other grade levels, allowing us to build a culture of excellence that bridges between each of our PVMS and MHS bands. 

Why Chamber Music?

Chamber ensembles are incredibly diverse. Certain pieces will dictate which specific instruments are needed while others allow for "open" instrumentation where any combination of instruments can be used. This gives us the ability to tailor our musical selections specifically to what will best serve out students' development. Performing in small groups also helps each student build more musical independence as each part is often covered by only a single player. The small group model also allows instructional staff t give more attention to each individual student.


Participation Requirements

Participation requirements are listed below. If you have more questions on whether your student can participate, please contact Rick Schadt at blue2percussion@gmail.com.


Blue2 Percussion Participation Requirements:

  • Enrolled in the Mukwonago Area School District

  • Currently in grades 7-12

  • Must be currently signed up for a year-round curricular band class as a percussionist

    • Qualifying classes include: PVMS 7th or 8th Grade Band, MHS Concert Percussion, MHS Symphonic Band, or MHS Wind Ensemble.

    • PVMS/MHS Jazz Ensemble or Marching Band do NOT qualify.

Additionally, all MHS students participating will be held to the MHS Athletic/Activity Code of Conduct, including the random drug test policy.

Rehearsal Structure

Blue2 Winds rehearses 2-3 Saturdays per month from 9:00am to 5:00pm. Performances occur on a variety of days and times. For our complete rehearsal & performance schedule (including a one-click "add to my google calendar" option), please visit our Schedule/Calendar page.

Membership Dues

For a breakdown of membership dues, please visit our registration page. (see below)

How Do I Register?

Visit out registration page to get started! www.mukwonagobands.org/blue2-percussion-registration