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About the Program

What is Blue2 Indoor?

Founded in 2014, Blue2 Indoor is an extracurricular WGI-style percussion & colorguard program in Mukwonago, WI.  We perform regularly at school events, out in the community, and travel to  compete with other ensembles throughout Wisconsin. This ensemble also serves to help prepare students for the High School Marching Band (grades 8-12), to help develop more well-rounded musicians, and to act as an ambassador organization for the Mukwonago Band Program.

What is "WGI" you ask? WGI stands for "Winter Guard International," the governing body for competitive indoor percussion ensemble & colorguard units. WGI is often referred to as the "Sport of the Arts" as it combines the precision, athleticism and energy of drum corps & marching band with the intimacy of other visual art forms such as dance and stage drama. 



Eduational Benefits to Students 


"What will my student get out of participating in a winter percussion or colorguard ensemble?"

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In addition to the substantial improvement in their ability to perform as a percussionist or a colorguard, students will also learn numerous life skills that can only be learned by participating with other students in a team activity.

A team-oriented activity​ such as Blue2 Indoor provides students with experiences that help mold their future. Each student gets to experience a 'community' of their peers, all focused on a positive common goal. Through performance, they will learn the art of communication, that competition is a means to set new standards & goals (and to learn to push to reach and surpass those goals), and to respect their competitive peers and grow from that experience. The hard work will also teach them about commitment and about how to persevere & cope with tough tasks or situations that don't always seem fair.  Most importantly, this helps a student build confidence.

Students also benefit physically from the training & demands placed on them during rehearsal, building strength, endurance, and flexibility. They will develop creative problem solving skills as well as patience, and how to be make adjustments in the pursuit of their performance objectives.

Lastly, students develop a better sense of artistry. The rhythmic and dynamic challenges placed on them turns them into visual musicians as they illustrate the sound of the show through body and equipment. As they learn their music and visual choreography, students broaden their aesthetic reality through diverse program and performance situations.

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Our Two Ensembles


Blue2 Indoor is made up of two performing ensembles: Blue2 Percussion & Blue2 Winterguard. Both ensembles rehearse at the same time in Mukwonago High School, making carpooling for friends or siblings fairly straightforward. Since the ensembles rehearse simultaneously, students cannot participate in both in the same season.


One of our biggest priorities is always for students to develop strong fundamentals in their respective craft; technique is the gateway to successful musicality.  Additionally, each season our ensembles work hard to perfect a single themed-production that they will perform at local events and regional festivals/competitions. New for 2018-2019, each ensemble will perform their own unique production rather than a single combined one.


About Blue2 Percussion


Our percussion ensemble is comprised of two sections, the Battery (marching percussion such as snares, tenors, bass drums, and cymbals) and the Front Ensemble (stationary percussion instruments, such as drumset, marimba, vibraphone, synthesizers, etc). The ensemble performs a complete musical & visual production each season.


Students will be placed on an instrument based on several factors:

  • Ability Level/Likelyhood of Success on a given instrument

  • Physical Size/Ability: it is not always possible to get the carriers for the marching drums to fit all students. Battery students must be strong enough to carry their respective instruments for long periods of time.

  • Age/Experience: 5th & 6th grade students will automatically be placed in the Front Ensemble so that they can focus on just their playing.

  • Student's Preference

About Blue2 Winterguard


Students in our Winterguard program will be taught fundamentals in a variety of skill areas including body awareness, dance, spinning flags, rifles, sabers, & more. Each season, the ensemble performs a complete visual performance choreographed with pre-recorded music.


While we do out best to give each student the opportunity experience as many aspects of the activity as possible, not all students 

  • Ability Level/Likelyhood of Success with a given piece of equipment

  • Age/Experience: we are careful not to overwhelm less-experienced students with too much content.

  • Student's Preference

Participation Requirements


Each of the ensembles has different requirements for participate based on equipment/space limitations. If you have more questions on whether your student can participate, please contact us at


Blue2 Percussion Requirements:

  • Enrolled in the Mukwonago Area School District

  • Currently in grades 5-12

  • Must participate in their school's band program as a percussionist


  • Must participate in their school's band program on an instrument that is NOT used in marching band (such as Oboe or Bassoon)


Students meeting the above criteria are guaranteed a spot in Blue2 Indoor Percussion. Any remaining spots are open on an audition basis - interested students are encouraged to contact us for more information and to give it their best! We typically have a few cymbal spots available to non-percussionists each season, and it is also common for non-percussionists with a piano background to play the synthesizer parts.

Blue2 Winterguard Requirements: 

  • Currently in grades 5-12 (Students from outside of the MASD may participate!)

  • No curricular music requirement, though band, orchestra, choir, or previous dance experience is preferred.

  • All students are welcome to join Blue2 Winterguard, regardless of experience level.

Additionally, all MHS students participating will be held to the MHS Athletic/Activity Code of Conduct, including the random drug test policy.

Rehearsal Structure


Blue2 Indoor typically rehearses (or performs) 2-3 Saturdays per month as well as Wednesday evenings. Performances are most commonly on Saturdays, though occasionally fall on other days depending on the venue hosting the performance.

In order to not overwhelm our youngest students (grades 5-6), they will only rehearse for half of the day on Saturdays (hence their reduced participation fees). All students participate in the Wednesday evening rehearsals and all Performances.

Wednesday evening rehearsals run from 5:30pm-8pm. Saturday rehearsals run from 9am-5pm. Grade 5-6 rehearsal time is highlighted in blue. Examples of our typical rehearsal schedules can be seen below:




Saturday Rehearsal Schedule


Set-Up (approx. 8:30am)
9:00am-12:30pm: Rehearsal (Grades 7-12 only)

12:30pm-1:00pm: Lunch Break

1:00pm-5:00pm: Rehearsal (Grades 5-12)

Clean Up, finished approx. 5:30pm

Saturday Rehearsal Schedule


Set-Up (approx. 8:30am)
9:00am-12:30pm: Rehearsal (Grades 5-12)

12:30pm-1:00pm: Lunch Break

1:00pm-5:00pm: Rehearsal (Grades 7-12 only)

Clean Up, finished approx. 5:30pm

Wednesday Rehearsal Schedule

Set-Up (approx. 5:15pm)
5:30pm-8:00pm: Rehearsal (Grades 5-12)

Clean Up, finished approx. 8:15pm

For our complete rehearsal & performance schedule (including a printable PDF & a one-click "add to my google calendar" option, visit our Schedule/Calendar page.

Can I Try Blue2 Before Signing Up?


We host an annual "Blue2 Experience Camp" each Fall. This is a great opportunity for students to come see what it is like to be a member of Blue2 for a day. For more information, see our Experience Camp page:

Membership Dues

For a breakdown of membership dues, please visit our registration page. (see below)

How Do I Register?


Visit out registration page to get started!